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http://www.southeastcoastalmaps.com/ was scanned on 2017-03-05 17:44:40

www.southeastcoastalmaps/ - 2017-03-05 17:44:40 -- on There are 117 individual pages with questionable links
Don't Panic.
This can often be reduceed easily by fixing a questionalable link in a templete
or by a global replace on the entire site.
To identify these type of links, click status below with the word many.
117 pages
, found There are questionable links.
questionable is one that:
a) is broken
, b) is a redirection
, c) has a ../ within
, d) is restricted by login
, e) is restricted because we use a robot for scanning
Don't Panic.
The ones you really care abut are the broken links.
To identify these type of links, click status below which are 'broken'.
1355 questionable links
, of which 575 are unique,
      with statuses of -- 28 bad connection, 118 broken auth required, 1 broken no info to return, 9 broken no object data, 12 broken no such host, 68 broken not found, 7 broken server error, 5 forbidden request, 3 many bad connection, 3 many broken auth required, 1 many broken no info to return, 1 many object permanently moved, 6 many object temporarily moved, 3 many redirect - http->https, 1 many redirect - www extra, 1 many redirect - www missing, 34 object permanently moved, 41 object temporarily moved, 219 redirect - http->https, 11 redirect - www extra, 3 redirection loop,

Once the found link is fixed, click the green square (the left one) to hid those rows, until the next run of the link checker appication.
If the found link and suggested link are correct, click the red square (the right one) to hide rhose rows and change their status to "accepted".
Click any of the urls to open the link in a new tab.