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https://plugins.royweil.com/ was scanned on 2017-11-08 06:42:01

plugins.royweil/ - 2017-11-08 06:42:01 -- on There are 2 individual pages with questionable links 2 pages, found There are questionable links.
questionable is one that:
a) is broken
, b) is a redirection
, c) has a ../ within
, d) is restricted by login
, e) is restricted because we use a robot for scanning
26 questionable links
, of which 25 are unique,
      with statuses of -- 17 broken not found, 8 redirect - slash missing,

The above line shows the type of error for a given link checker run.
The count is number of questionable links associated with each error description.
Clicking a status description will display three or four lines for each questionable link, grouped by page on which the found link occurred.
Clicking the web site name will open a tab with web site.
Clicking the date will open a tab with the unprocessed link checker file